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Which style do you prefer more? 

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Personal Stuff (It's long, Sorry!)

This week was so stressing but I just can't explain what was stressing of it. Just small stuff that added one by one making a huge pile that weighted in my head and left me so tired and depressed. I took a break this weekend to play Southpark The Stick of Truth. I enjoyed it a lot but now I feel bad that I didn't work. 

Also, I'm tempted to add new terms and conditions to my commissions because some clients are just impossible. If I'm the one making making new designs and changes over and over again and I'm not complaining that they don't know what they want, why are they the ones getting angry and just disappearing? I'm the one who wasted precious time that I could use on other projects or just to have a life away from the screen (No really, I love internet too much) 

This week opened my eyes on how good is the service I'm providing because I saw not one but four, four different professionals giving a shitty service and charging a lot for it. One was a plumber that we called on Monday and just never came, the other was a homemade food restaurant that gave us an incomplete order, the third was a web designer that wanted to charge us for many things that weren't openly expressed on the terms and conditions of his work. And the last one, oh the last one was the worst because it was a hospital and thanks to their negligence the niece of a woman that works with my family lost her life.

So yeah, those are examples of how to be a shitty professional and makes me feel depressed that most of them have a stable confortable work while I have to worry about money everday. The only reason I not going cucu is because I love doing logos and I feel pleased helping my family. Also it helps to have some awesome friends even if they are on the other side of the screen (Love you guys)

First Important Stuff

Hi guys! I just want to remind you that at January first of 2017 there will be changes on the terms and conditions of my commissions and on the prices as well. You have until 31 of this month to catch the present price even if your design is finished in January.

Note: Please don't try to commission me something and say you will pay in January even if I finish before. I remind you that you only have seven days to pay once the design is finished.

If you want to see the changes of the commissions please take a look here:

Big Changes to the Commissions in JANUARY 2017News
Hi guys! This is an advance notice of changes in my commissions starting in January first of 2017. Some of this changes are big and other are unimportant but if you are interested in commissioning me for a logo or a business card you better read this.
Now I here is a list of the changes and then I will explain each one:


A non refundable advance payment of $12 USDNew price of logo designs for $48 USDSafe keeping of a logo design for $12 USDUnlimited design approaches, changes and revisionsDeadline of minimum TWO weeksLimit time for PaymentsChanges in the Terms and Conditions of the ServiceWhat happens in case of a Multiple Discovery
Advance Payment
To request a commission you will need to make a payment of 12USD, only then the project will be considered "active". The payment is non refundable in case of cancelation/project desertion

Help with a Poll

Guys! I need your help so I can improve the designs I put for sale. I will submit a new question every two days and the first one is up now. Thanks in advance!

Book News

You can read the progress of my book here:

How to Design a Logo, Step by Step Guide.Chapter 1 - From the start
When we design a logo, we are fulfilling a need for an identity, because people think in images, not words. For example if you read “banana” on a sign, you don't think of the actual letters that form the word “banana”, you think of the fruit, you form the image in your head. That's what we want when we make a logo.
The following are features every good logo should have:
Easy to adjust. This means it has to be understandable in both small and big scale.
Charming. Once you see it you won't forget it, even if you didn't understand what it meant, you will still think about it.
Readability. It should be easy to read at any size and in any color, and shouldn't leave room for misinterpretation.
Easy to comprehend. You have to know what service or product it offers when you look at it.
Authentic. The design must not mislead the observer to believe something it's not.


My commissions are always open, I just ask you to be patient because I work on them as ideas come by. I try to finish them as fast as I can but I give priority to quality over speed.

Those interested please read this:

Commissions Guide 2016Prices
Logo Design $40 USA dollarsBusiness Card Design $30 USA dollarsPriority Projects to be finished within 4 days have an increase of $20 USA dollarsIllustrations, Character Design and other projects are open to negotiation

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: The price may increase if the workload (design approaches, tweaks, corrections, changes, additions, requests, etc.) is too much. I will keep you informed if this happens so you can choose to continue or stop.
Work Process
We will keep in contact through notes, skype or email. I live in México so keep that in mind.        Skype: irian.whitefox
        Email: need you to tell me what kind of logo you want: Icon (Image only), Word Mark or Logotype (Signature) and Combination Mark (Text and Image). If you can prop

Commission Requests List (Progress):

Everyone who requested a commission please look on the list to see the progress. This is not to pressure you but to keep you informed of the proyect.

Commissioners that don't keep in contact after 7 days of the last message I sent will be considered "missing" and the commission will be canceled. If you picked an offer when you requested the commission t will be considered "expired" even if you come back later and request to continue the commission. If you send me a note explaining why you can't answer at the momment then the clock resets and you have another 7 days. I just need a word from you, that's all. 

Art Trades

Art Trades don't have a set date. I will finish them as I finish commissions and the prizes for the winners of my contest so please be patient.

Art Trade 1. :iconp-graner: - Complete
Art Trade 2. :iconitsterriblyartistic: - Complete
Art Trade 3. :iconothellys: - Need to finish my part
Art Trade 4. :iconrae-j: - On Hold
Art Trade 5. :icongalaxyglaze: - On Hold
Art Trade 6. :iconkuhli: - On Hold
Art Trade 7. :iconkfcemployee: - On Hold

Contest Winners

Prize 01. :iconsyrena956: - Finished
Prize 02. :iconvalentinehearts: - Finished
Prize 03. :iconveryvile: - Sketching


01. Legends of Tomorrow (Mafia--xX)
02. Melt
03. Blue Eyed White Bison (Vottomo)
04. Noemi Sculptures
05. The Grey Guardians (kopf-los)
06. Pigeon (onlyhalfpigeon)
Shantyland (Colonels-Corner)

Long Projects

01. ...


Questions about design, requests for comments and observations are always welcome. You don't bother me when you do so please feel free to do it. It's important to share knowledge and experience and be sure that if I have questions I won't hesitate to ask. 


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I believe that we all are an amalgam of many masks. Each one is part of us, all of them are true and what lies behind them is the pure state of the soul.


Thank you so much for the :+fav:!!! :squee:
I can't say it personally to each one of you but I'm really grateful.


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