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Important News

I updated my Commissions Guide to emphasize that while the client is owner of all the commercial rights over the design, I keep the authority rights over the design which allow me to exclusively promote myself as the creator of the design. There are no exceptions to this.

I also included the price for Priority Projects that have to be finished within 4 days even if there are previous requests.

Life News (07/10/2015)

I don't feel so good.


13 Facts about IrianWhitefox 

1. My favorite animal are foxes, especially winter foxes.
2. I love masks and I don't think as them as a way to hide my real self but a way to show of what I really am.
3. I don't like talking. I feel each time I open my mouth only idiotic things come out so I prefer to communicate through text.
4. I was bullied when I was kid and I didn't really understand it until many years later. I don't keep good memories of school. 
5. When I was in my last years of highschool I underwent a major change of personality. Really big.
6. I didn't expect to work doing logos. I really wanted to work writing and illustrating stories for children but necessity pushed me to this direction and I'm glad.
7. When I was in highschool I had the "bright" idea of trying to break a wood plank but instead broke my knuckles (I also fell on my hand a little bit later and couldn't stand it until a month after the incident). Now I have problems drawing or even writing.
8. I read a lot of manga online. Like, really a lot. I plan but buy all of my favorite ones but sadly none are published where I live and spanish translations are mostly awful. I prefer them in english.
9. I don't cry easily even though many things push me to tears (Damn Hashiko movie). I hold the tears in.
10. I have been very close to death at least two times that I remember (There were a couple when I was a kid but I don't remember them).
11. I have slight dislexia so I have many ortographic and spelling mistakes both in englisn and spanish and while talking.
12. I love swimming and snorkeling even though I fear suffocation.
13. I judge myself harsh all the time because I believe it helps me improve as a person.

13 Questions from AirSaber 

1.) What is your favorite hair color?
Black? I like all hair colors.
2.) Do you like tiny piglets?
I have never seen one in person but they are cute.
3.) How often do you draw a day/week?
Specifically draw? Almost never. 

4.) What are your goals and aspirations?
I want to move to another country, publish my stories and maybe find love.
5.) Do you have any phobias like I do?
6.) What is your opinion on raccoons?
Damn funny cute little thieves. 
7.) If you could turn into any insect, what would it be and why?
Hercules Beetle because they are cool!
8.) Do you eat a lot, little, or in the middle?
I can eat a lot but I try to keep it in control so middle.
9.) How do you feel about art thieves? I personally pity them for being so talentless.
I don't like thieves of anykind.
10.) What style furniture/clothing do you like? For example, I love vintage and 1950's.
I like minimalism.
11.) What kind of technique or style, stroke or object do you wish you could get down when you draw?
I can't decide. So many techniques and styles I like.
12.) If you had the power, would you rule the world or let it be? I wanted to conquer the world when I was little. Goals~
I would guide it. If I had the power and knowledge to do it. If I only had the power I would just execute all evil people (obviously evil like serial killers and such) and destroy all nuclear weapons.
13.) What's your zodiac sign? And do you believe in that stuff or is it just meh?

Book News

You can read the progress of my book here:

How to Design a Logo, Step by Step Guide.Chapter 1 - From the start
When we design a logo, we are fulfilling a need for an identity, because people think in images, not words. For example if you read “banana” on a sign, you don't think of the actual letters that form the word “banana”, you think of the fruit, you form the image in your head. That's what we want when we make a logo.
The following are features every good logo should have:
Easy to adjust. This means it has to be understandable in both small and big scale.
Charming. Once you see it you won't forget it, even if you didn't understand what it meant, you will still think about it.
Readability. It should be easy to read at any size and in any color, and shouldn't leave room for misinterpretation.
Easy to comprehend. You have to know what service or product it offers when you look at it.
Authentic. The design must not mislead the observer to believe something it's not.

Logo Store

From now on I will advertise the new designs on the store here.

Digital-Logo (FOR SALE) by IrianWhitefoxSmart-Ideas-Logo by IrianWhitefoxRunning-Horse-Logo (FOR SALE) by IrianWhitefoxBright-Bird-Logo (FOR SALE) by IrianWhitefox

When purchasing a logo you can request changes on the icon/logotype/mark and new text.

These designs share the same rights as a commission. 


I remind you, my commissions are always open, I just ask you to be patient because I work on them as ideas come by. I try to finish them as fast as I can but I give priority to quality over speed.

Those interested please read this:

Commissions Guide 2015Prices
Logo Design $35 USA dollarsBusiness Card Design $25 USA dollars ($5 USA dollars of discount if you order a logo desing beforePriority Projects to be finished within 4 days have an increase of $15 USA dollars

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: The price may increase if the workload (design approaches, tweaks, corrections, changes, additions, requests, etc.) is too much. I will keep you informed if this happens so you can choose to continue or stop.
Work Process
We will keep in contact through notes, skype or email. I live in México so keep that in mind.        Skype: irian.whitefox
        Email: need you to tell me what kind of logo you want: Icon (Image only), Word Mark or Logotype (Signature) and Combination Mark (Text and Image). If you can propor

Commission Requests List October (Progress):

Everyone who requested a commission please look on the list to see the progress. This is not to pressure you but to keep you informed of the proyect.

Commissioners that don't keep in contact after 10 days of the last message I sent will be considered "missing" and the commission will be canceled. If you picked an offer when you requested the commission it will be considered "expired" even if you come back later and request to continue the commission. If you send me a note explaining why you can't answer at the momment then the clock resets and you have another 10 days. I just need a word from you, that's all. 

Art Trade 1. :iconnishipu: Progress: Sketching

Art Trade 2. :iconkoi-lantern: Progress: Sketching

01. :icondexikon: Progress: Waiting for Feedback
02. :iconhawkpathas: Progress: Waiting for Feedback
03. :iconfourdirtypaws: Progress: Sketching
04. :iconelifsiebenpfeiffer: Progress: Sketching
05. :iconjagoman169: Progress: Sketching

Long Projects

01. ...


Questions about design, requests for comments and observations are always welcome. You don't bother me when you do so please feel free to do it. It's important to share knowledge and experience and be sure that if I have questions I won't hesitate to ask. 
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Call me Irian
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
I believe that we all are an amalgam of many masks. Each one is part of us, all of them are true and what lies behind them is the pure state of the soul.


Thanks to everyone for the :+fav:! :squee: I can't say it personally to each one of you but I'm really grateful for the favorites.

If you leave a comment I will make sure to answer you. :dummy:


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AdorisArts Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
Hello IrianWhitefox! Thanks for the watch! Your gallery is amazing I love your logo designs! I Also like to design things sometimes :3 Thats why I also put you on my watchlist. Keep up the good work!
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Interface Designer
You are most welcome and thanks for the watch! I'm glad you like my works. :)
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ahh this message maybe late but thank you for following me back!? ;w; you make lovely logo designs sob they look so clean,simple,styleee and neat!!
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Interface Designer
It's my pleasure and thank you! I'm glad you like them. :)
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i always feel bad because youre always leaving nice comments on my stuff and i never!! say anything nice to you and i just wanted to say i hope your day has been nice!! and i love your logo designs their so cute wtf????? and AAAaaa im so awkward im sorry
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you and don't worry, not many comment designs anyway. :)

I wish I had more time to comment but I assure you are I watch all works you and all my friends submit. :D

I had a nice day indeed. Thank you again! :XD:
themsjolly Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It keeps saying im not watching you and im upset.
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
It says you are watching me now and thank you so much! Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] 

I feel honored. You are an artist I admire a lot. ^^
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