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  • Logo Design $48 USA dollars
  • Business Card Design $30 USA dollars
  • Priority Projects additional $20 USA dollars
  • Vault Service $12 USA dollars


To request a commission you will need to make an advance payment of $12 USD, only then the project will be considered "active". The payment is nonrefundable in case of cancellation/project desertion and once the project is completed it will be deducted from the cost of the commission.

I only accept payments through Paypal. I will require your email tied to Paypal to send you an invoice that comes with Terms and Conditions of the service provided. Please don’t send any advance payment without receiving an invoice first.

Note: Payments must be ready within the 5 days after the design is finished.

Work Process

Please send a note, mail or chat to email or skype irian.whitefox with the following information:
  • Name of the Project/Logo
  • Name of the owner of the copyrights (Full Name, Company Name or alias) This name will be referenced by the designer on his online portfolios.
  • Information about the company, service, character or any other pertinent information for the realization of the design.
  • Specify if the design will be an Icon (Image only), Word Mark or Logotype (Signature) and Combination Mark (Text and Image).
  • If possible proportionate an example of logo designs that you like. Look at my gallery and sites like Dribble and Logopond for inspiration.
  • Set a deadline for the conclusion of the project. Please consider a minimum of two weeks is required.
  • An email linked to Paypal.

Once the project starts the designer will provide with:

  • An initial design approach. It can be one or more cleaned designs (No sketches)
  • Frequent updates based on the client's speed of response and changes requested.
  • All updates are on jpg files of 25% of the actual size the design. No high-resolution images are provided on this stage.
  • Varied options of the design like black and white, single color, icon only, text only, etc.
  • When a design is approved and the final payment is received, the designer will provide with the original vector file and other formats requested.


I work in Adobe Illustrator CS6. I will provide you with the original Adobe Illustrator file and high printing quality EPS files of the design and its variants. You can request other file formats like PSD, PDF, JPG and PNG. 


If the designer doesn't receive any news from the client within 2 weeks, the project is considered abandoned and canceled. If the client wishes to restart the project it will be considered a new project and they will require to pay the advance payment for it.

Postponed projects

The client can request to postpone a project for two months. If the client restarts the project within the set time they won't require to pay the advance payment again.


The vault is a service you can request to keep your design in storage, which means I won't display it on my online portfolios for the time you need.

Intellectual Property Rights

This is a professional service. All designs are protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Creative Commons and their Intelectual Property Rights of each country where these designs are registered by their rightful owners. If you try to use one of these designs without permission you are subject to legal actions.

What happens in case of Multiple Discovery

In a case of a Multiple Discovery (When inventions are made independently by multiple people), the client can request a new design but only if it's within 3 months after finishing the commission.

Terms and Conditions of the service

a. The client agrees to cover an initial fee to commission a design.
b. The client won't receive any high-quality files until the remainder of the cost is acquitted.
c. While the project is in progress the client can't share any design approaches with other designers or artists to replicate or modify.
d. Once the transaction is done, the client accepts he/she is satisfied with the design provided and the price established.
e. There are no refunds of the initial fee or the remainder of the cost once it's paid.
f. After the payment is done the client will receive the original file together with any other file he/she requires.
g. The client can request minor changes to the design any time he/she desires.
h. The client can request new files anytime he/she desires.
i. The client has full commercial ownership of the design with all the rights it entails.
j. The designer keeps the author rights to promote and display the work as made by him.
k. The client can't promote himself/herself as the creator of the design.
l. All unused design approaches belong to the designer.
m. The designer can re-use, recycle, modify, share or sell any unused design approaches.
n. The client can redesign, modify or alter the design in any way he/she wants. The designer will only keep author rights over the original design.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I use the logo I commissioned in other websites?

Absolutely yes. You can use the logo however you want. The logo is an identity and as an identity, you can use it in any way you feel is right to identify yourself. 

2. Can I commercialize the design?

Yes. All commercial rights belong to you the moment you pay me. That's why I send the original editable files. While you commercialize the design, you can't promote yourself as the creator of the design.

3. Can I resell the design? 

Yes. As mentioned before you own all commercial rights, including selling the identity. But keep in mind that you can't violate my author right, which means you can't promote yourself as the author of the design neither the new buyer can, nor you can agree with a third party to pull down all images containing the design, including those on my portfolios.

4. Can I purchase the author right?

No. To keep my prices low I need to promote myself and the best way to promote myself is to expand my portfolio of designs with works done for clients.

For any questions please feel free to send me a note in deviantART or contact me through email or skype

If there is something you don't understand please feel free to ask me. 
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Kaiodi Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh I might have to commission you someday! As much as I want to make my logo myself your work is so beautiful and your prices are so affordable I hope you are getting enough money for the time you spend on these it's gonna be hard to resist. Keep making beautiful stuff!
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you! It's not the best but if I were to raise my prices a lot of people would have more problems commissioning me. Sometimes it's better to charge less and work more. 
Kaiodi Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's fair. It's definitely a struggle to find that right price between being accommodated for your time and still being affordable to the average person. 
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Yeah. Right now I'm a bit busy but at the same time unless I finish all of the commissions it won't be enough to cover expenses. 
DianaGyms Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
You're so skilled you should charge more! :)
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you! Saddly I feel I would alienate too many clients if I did that. Big clients prefer to use websites like 99designs or crowdSPRING or just find a local designer.
DianaGyms Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
It's pretty sad actually. People pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for non-essential things and want to save money on something as important as their logo. It's one of the the most significant parts of a company yet they don't realize and value it. No, I disagree! 
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Indeed. Sometimes I feel powerful when I can revamp my own image whenever I want :XD:

While a rich company is too cheap to pay to change their ugly logo
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